Rewritten Song: Some Ordinary Troubles (version 2)

So here’s the new re-recording of “Some Ordinary Troubles.” You can see from the description of the original (read and listen here) that this was kind of a throw-away song. So I knew going into the re-record I had to do right by it. Make it into something.

I think it’s a little more of a complete song now. Definitely something I might be persuaded to sing out from time to time.

I didn’t change too much, though. It’s in the same key. It’s still kind of a blues-type tune. (Although, it’s a little more folk-song-oriented, I’ll admit that.) All the words are the same, for the most part, except for the last verse, which is new. I needed one more to kinda round-out the layout of the song.

So there ya have it. I think this new one sounds very 2011, if ya know what I mean. And the one from last year sounds very last year. If you’ve been listening that long you probably picked that up, though.

Now, please remember that I have two shows this weekend….

On Friday I’m playing a benefit for the Building Stage called “Terror and Cowboy Songs.” Only 5 bucks to get in and cheap booze. I go on at 10pm (or soon after 10pm) and play for about an hour (or more). The facebook invite has some info for ya.

Then on Saturday afternoon from 2-3pm I’ll be at the Hideout as part of the Urban Folk Circuit. Here’s the facebook event with more on the market. This one is FREE.

See ya at one, or see ya at both.

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