New Song: Sometimes this is how I feel

August sure is a long month, huh? Anyway, here’s the new song for this week. This one I wrote and recorded last night. It’s kinda got a country song feel to it, I think. It’s also one of those songs, where, after I started in on it, it was really easy to write. That’s not saying that it took 5 minutes, or anything like that, but the vision for the song just became clear after I wrote the first line.

Knew just where it was headed and just about how I was gonna get there.

Really though, I think it was bouncing around in my head all week. Was reading this book about taming and domesticating zebras, and found out that you just can’t get a lasso around them no matter how hard you try. Anyway, that had some effect, I think.

And then, yesterday, a line popped up into my head from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It’s right near the beginning, right near the start. Know it?

So that helped too. Once I started in on the song those two ideas just kept coming up.

Anyway, that’s that for today.

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