Rewritten Song: Shapes (version 2)

Okay okay okay…here’s the updated and re-recorded version of the song “Shapes” that I first wrote and released this week, last year. You can read the whole spiel from last year here. And then go on to compare the two versions of songs.

Let me know how you think they’re different.

I can, maybe, tell you how I think they’re different….

First, last year’s version sounds like most of my songs from last year. Including the guitar parts and the voice I was using to sing. This new version for this year sounds almost exactly like how I sing and play a lot of other songs I’ve written this year.

Second, last year’s song was obviously about one thing that I wrote about in the post from last year, but then, maybe, had a few other more complex layers going on. This new 2011 version, though, is probably pretty much only about one thing, but it’s hard to nail that down cause the music to the song makes you just start to wiggle and move before you can listen to any of the words.

And, lastly, I think that’s a pretty silly explanation of both versions. I don’t know anything about either of them.

Okay, so that’s it for today.

Tonight, though, the Barehand Jugband is rollin into the Grafton for our monthly second-Thursday show. You can come out if you want. It’s free. There’ll be limited dance space available. I think there’re some sort of drink specials to get you wobbly. And there’ll be lots of people there talking about Folk Music. It’ll be so great. Check it out on facebook if you want more info.

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