The Talkin’ Headline Blues #45

Thank god for the talkin’ blues. I never woulda been able to sing this one. Couldn’t even do it how I’ve done most of the others; a mix of singin and talkin blues.

This one is straight up talked.

And, I think, somehow I like this the best of any of these Talkin’ Headline recordings I’ve done. Not only is my voice completely ridiculous and brings a certain air of laugh-ability to the song, but as I was singin’ the tune I was getting a kick out of how it sounded, how the phrasing of the words came across. How just plain crazy it sounds.

It’s not that crazy, I suppose. Just doesn’t sound much like me. (At least to me it doesn’t…maybe this is what everyone else hears when I sing….)

Anyway, I got through that with almost no voice left. Hopefully I’ll get something back tomorrow and can churn out the new song and the re-recorded version from last year.

If you’ve got any remedies for a lost voice please pass them this way. Or if you’ve got any funny stories about your own lost voice just leave a comment.

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