New Song: Not me, not me

Alright, alright, here’s the new song for this week. I was working from behind again because of the out-of-town shows down in Louisville, but I got it all caught up now.

I thought I had a couple tunes to work on that I started last week, and then another one that I started in the car trip back from Kentucky, but none of those really grabbed my attention when I sat down with em on Monday night. So I started this one.

Actually, I had the idea for this in the car Monday night driving back to my house. Jotted it down quick and then worked up the first two verses, which came really fast.

The rest of the song kinda fell into place by Tuesday night, although I’m still not really sure on the layout of it. Don’t know if I totally like that there’s two repeating elements. It’s different than usual, but also it’s not. I’ll keep working on it. Maybe get some help at some point.

I think it’s an okay song at this point, though. How about you?

Also, the EP album that I released and started selling CDs of is finally available for purchase online. You can buy it from CDBaby as digital files (soon you can get CDs there to, once I get them in the mail), and from itunes in the next week or so. Go check it out.

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