The Talkin’ Headline Blues #47

Here’s the new set of headlines from Lots going on in the news these days, huh? Maybe. I’m not really sure. It’s hard to tell, right?

Anyway. I know there wasn’t a new song yesterday. I got stuck on Sunday night and didn’t quite get one done for this week. But…I wrote one last night. Not the same thing I started Sunday or the same thing I was working on Monday.

Regardless, it’ll be up tomorrow for you to listen to. So don’t miss out.

Tonight I’m playing in the Barehand Jugband over at the Hideout. It’s our regular last-Tuesday-of-the-month show. This one’s gonna be in the back room, though, so there’s more floorspace for dancing. Plus there’ll be a dance troupe there to teach swing dance steps before we start playing. Should be a good time.

And, EP1, the new short-play album that I put out, is now available on iTunes, as well as CDBaby, in digital form. If you want a CD copy, you’ll have to come to a show, or wait a week or so until I get some copies sent to CDBaby. In any event, if you buy a CD you get a one-of-a-kind Polaroid picture as cover art.

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