New Song: Skeptical of You

Here’s the new song for this week…finally. I wrote this one yesterday after some divine inspiration. Not divine in the sense that the Lawd Almighty came down and smote this song upon a rock. But, divine in the beautiful sense. In the loving sense.

If that makes any sense….

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty good. I’m guessing I’ll play it out, but will probably do it a little faster. That also means there’ll be a harp break in there somewhere.

Maybe you’ll catch me playing it at the Whistler on November 20? That’s the next show, if ya didn’t know. I’m playing the first half of Lawrence Peters’ Country Throw-down. It’s a great time cause once Lawrence spins records after the music the rest of the night. So you can shake your rump til Monday comes. Check out the facebook invite for more info.

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