New Song: Blues Dream #336

This song worries me.

I began writing it on Friday and then finished it off last night. Started off as a kind of slow tune. Maybe even a little sentimental. Maybe not. Last night, though, I rearranged the whole thing after I’d finished off the words and recorded it as a slow number.

Just wasn’t working out slowly. I couldn’t find the right key. That sort of stuff.

I like the new arrangement, though. Maybe I’ll post the other recording on Thursday or Friday this week. Just for kicks.

I started it off, and wrote the repeating chorus line first and then the first verse and I felt like I was going somewhere, but then got a little stumped.

The next verses were a little more of a struggle. Took a couple days to get them done. To get all the words in the order that I wanted. But I think it rounded out nicely.

How about you, what do you think?

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