New Song: Blues Dream #336 (version 2)

So, here’s the other version that I recorded, the first verison, of the new song that I posted for this week. I guess it’s strange, then, to call it “version 2,” but who’s keeping tabs anyway.

You can see, if you compare this to the one I released Monday (listen here), that this is slower. Well, not, necessarily the tempo. But something about it is slower. Or something. Get it?

It’s a lot more in line with other stuff I’ve recorded this year. The version from Monday was more of a stretch, both for me to sing and keep together. You can hear it in my voice. But I think that’s where I’m headed. I think I started heading in a new direction last year at about this time. A new sound.

I guess it’s something in the changing weather. Something bubbling in my blood.

But, either way you get two version of this song this week. That’s a special treat. Just in time for Halloween. Hope what you got to change into is good.

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