The Morning Train (version 2)

Well, here we are. Another re-record of a song from last year. Can you tell I put a lot of time into this one? That I didn’t wait until the very last minute?

Anyway. Go listen to the original version here. I still like that one better, I think. This new one has it’s merits, but it’s merely acting tough. Puffing up it’s chest to impress the ladies waiting in the bus vestibule.

Did you know that I have a big record release show coming up? No? Well, it’s Sunday, November 20 at the Whistler in Logan Square. I’ll have a brand new EP on sale for the first time here in Chicago. There are some great new Polaroid cover shots (every one is different) on the EPs. You could even take one of your own! How about that! Plus this is a FREE show. You just have to be there. If you aren’t then, well, something bad will happen. The show starts around 9pm.

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