Rewritten Song: I’ve heard it told (version 2)

Okay, well, first, I’ll say this. I love all the songs I write, but, just like anything, some are harder to love than others.

This is one of those.

Listening to the original, which I wrote and recorded this week, last year (and, which, you can listen to here), I just can’t really get behind the song. Or, I just don’t really like it. Or something. It’s maybe a little too sentimental, or a little too over-the-top in it’s statements. Almost saying, “Look at how clever I am.” And that makes it not clever at all.

Or, maybe it’s just not clever at all. I’m okay if it’s not a good song. I tried re-writing it the past couple days and just couldn’t do anything.

First I just put different music to it. That didn’t really work. Then I tried to just take out the lines I thought worked and form those into something new. But I guess none of the lines really work cause that didn’t go well either. Then I tried to just write something completely different, but that went nowhere too.

So, in the end, I just went back to setting it to different music. And I left out some of the fluff of the original. Most of the fluff’s still in there, though.

Oh well. I guess one song that doesn’t really work too well, or just one that’s plain not good out of 52 ain’t bad, right?

There were probably more than one that didn’t work, bu,t remember, I said I love them all, so I’m just a little biased.


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