New Song: It’s So Dark Outside When It’s Night-time

And, here’s the new one for this week. Written completely last night in a rush to beat the 12-oh-clock dong dong dong. I really didn’t know how it turned out. Barely listened to it.

When I heard it again this morning, though, I thought…”Not bad.”

A good enough effort, I think. It sounds a little like a song I woulda written a few months back, but that’s okay. I feel I’m at some sort of crossroads right now. Just hanging around til the deal goes down. Or hangin on, maybe.

Anyway, the cool winter air is shiftin in and my bones is beginning to feel that deep down to the core.

Last year I had an intense change in my song writing around this time, but it didn’t totally manifest, I think, until about maybe this past May or June. So I guess I got time to work into whatever I’m working into. Might come quick, might come slow. Who knows.

I do know, though, that you HAVE to come to the big record release show this Sunday, 11/20 at the Whistler. It’s gonna be HOT HOT HOT. Playing as part of Lawrence Peters’ Country Throw-down, but also using the night to start selling the new EP out now. You’ll be able to get your very own copy (for only 5 bucks!!!) with a one-of-a-kind Polaroid picture as cover art! Plus, if you want, you can take your own Polaroid (for a minimal charge) for very personal cover art. Fantastic!

See you there.

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