Rewritten Song: I ain’t low down (version 2)

Here’s the re-recording of last song I posted in November in 2010. I didn’t really say too much about this one in the original post (read and listen to the original here), so it’s hard to know what this one is about.

It’s probably about something different now anyway. A whole year does that to things.

I didn’t do too much to the song. Or, I guess I rearranged the words a bit. And, I used an old trick of mine (that I haven’t used for a while): Making a song sound new by changing it into 3/4 time. I used to do that all the time. For these re-recordings and on-the-fly at live shows. Not so much anymore.

I think this new one is pretty successful, though. Gets its point across. Does it in a semi-interesting way.

So there. Take it, or leave it.

Did you know that I have a show this week? On Friday night (12/2)? I’m playing at Lillstreet Art Center from 6-10pm during the First Friday event (and also during the Annual Holiday Open House at the same time). It’s FREE! I’ll have some CDs available. Go ahead, drop by.

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