The Talkin’ Headline Blues #56

Hey Hey! A new Talkin’ Headline! How about that?!

I haven’t felt in a while that one of these has been successful in any way other than making a jab at the news headlines in a sideways-type of glance to the person sitting way over there.

But this one. Well, I think it’s either the really strong tea I drank last night that’s still up in my head or the headlines fell in the right places on the right day. I think it kinda works on some whole other level. I have no idea what that is, though. It just feels like that.

Maybe you’d like to share your thoughts on these headlines and this song?

And, remember, that I have a show this week on Friday night (12/2). I’m playing at Lillstreet Art Center from 6-10pm during the First Friday event (and also during the Annual Holiday Open House at the same time). It’s FREE! I’ll have some CDs available. Go ahead, drop by.

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