Rewritten Song: Winter (version 2)

I’m doing the re-record first this week cause I didn’t quite get the new song done last night. I think I’ve got the music down, but the words just weren’t ready yet. So, you get this today.

Lately I’ve been thinking how these re-recorded songs are taking up a lot of time and maybe taking time away from writing new songs, but then I decided that they also help me to get to new places each week. I’m at least thinking of doing something different with an old song, so maybe some of that seeps into my head to do something different with a new song. In any case, at least it keeps me working.

So, for this one, today, I think it’s fairly different, not just from last year’s (go listen and compare!), but also from a lot of other tunes I’ve been writing and recording lately. The phrasing is different. The singing is a little different. It’s just different. Different for me anyway.

Let me know what you think….

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