Rewritten Song: If I was a woman and you was a man (version 2)

Well, here’s the last re-record for 2011 of a song from 2010. I think I’ll definitely keep doing this throughout 2012. Not only is it a good way to revisit old songs that I may have forgotten about, but it helps me figure out news sounds and different directions to take the new songs I’m writing.

So, be on the lookout…

For this re-record, I used 3/4 time and condensed the song a little bit. I think that’s always the problem I had with it…a little too much repetition of the chorus. This version works fairly well. Don’t know if it’s as successful as the original, though. Listen to that here for a comparison.

Also, the song that I wrote back in August called “I guess that’s just the way things go” is sorta a re-write of this song too, I supposed. I used that same cat and dog line, maybe cause I think that’s the most successful of all the lines in this tune. Or, maybe cause it’s the first one that I wrote for it. Or, maybe, for another reason. It’s any of those, really.

Anyway. I’m playing a show tonight at the Cicero Public Library. Come check it out, if you can. Should be an interesting show. Starts at 7pm and goes until 8:30. I plan on being really loud.

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