New Song: I’m bound

Well, here’s the last new song of 2011. This is where I get all sentimental about the past year and hesitate, maybe, about going forward into the new year. Right?

Nah. I wrote this song about doing the exact opposite of that. Next year is where you’re bound always. Next year, next month, next week, tomorrow. So just go into it.

If this ain’t working then go into that, I guess.

Now, though, I am gonna get all sappy and take a look back at what I did this year:

I made a total of 176 posts in 2011 (including this one). So that’s about 14.7 posts each month. Now, I’m sure not all of those were song uploads, but let’s investigate….

I ended the year’s worth of Talkin’ Headlines on number 60. I did one every week, which comes out to 52 (I did 8 in 2010). Did you listen to all of them? I’m gonna keep doing this throughout 2012. So, that’ll be something to look forward to.

So, now, of my 176 posts, I’m down to 124 when you take out the Talkin’ Headlines.

From that, subtract a repost of a re-recorded song form 2009 I made after New Year’s Eve in 2010. That was kinda confusing, but now it’s down to 123.

I posted 44 re-recorded songs that I initially wrote and recorded in 2010. To go along with those, in the first few months of the year I posted the original versions, since, in 2010, I didn’t start loading songs onto this blog until June. So there’s 12 of those original 2010 song posts. So that brings the total on down to 67.

There were also a few non-music upload posts. Mostly to apologize for not posting a new song yet, or explaining why I didn’t load up a Talkin’ Headline on a Tuesday. Really serious stuff. There were 4 of these scattered throughout the year.

Now we’re at 63.

What else? On Friday, April 1, I posted a really old song about baseball to commemorate the open of the 2011 season. (62!)

Then, in May, I started (sporadically) posting demos that I was recording. Occasionally these were re-records of my new 2011 songs, or some older ones, mostly, though they were new tunes. There were 8 of these in 2011. Not nearly enough. My hope for 2012 would be to get way more demos up. Probably not one a week, but maybe two a month?

Anyway, now we’re down to 54.

I think the last 2 to subtract would be a second recording of a new song that I posted (Blues Dream #336) and then a repost of something the guys at the Whistler wrote about the record realease show that I had there back in November.

And now we’re at 52. That means I wrote, recorded, and released one new song every week for the entire year in 2011.

Doesn’t really mean anything, though, cause I’m gonna get up on the first day of 2012 and start it all over again, with maybe some new additions to the lineup of new song, Talkin’ Headline, and re-record.

Anyway…that’s that. Here’s to the next year….

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