The Talkin’ Headline Blues #62

Listen up! Read all about it! Or…Hear all about it! There’s some important stuff in this song today, I think. I don’t know. I only look at the headlines at So, I’m probably not the most informed person. Probably just ask your neighbor about any of the topics discussed in this song. Go ahead. Lean over and nudge them.

Did you also realize that Poor Elvis has a show this coming Friday? Did you also realize that this coming Friday is Friday the 13th? Since it’s the first Friday the 13th of the New Year, did you know that whatever you do on that day dictates your luck for the rest of the year? Did you know that if you come to our show (see the facebook event for info) then you’ll have good luck all year? If you don’t, well, you probably don’t wanna risk what’ll happen.

Best show up.

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