Rewritten Song: I’ve seen the sun (version 2)

I know I don’t have a new song up yet this week. I’m still trying to work one up. It’s first on my list today. Well, first after getting this one up.

So, here’s the re-recorded version of “I’ve seen the sun,” which I originally wrote and recorded this week, last year. Go listen to that version here.

You can see that I basically rewrote the entire song. It wasn’t really working to try and fit the words into new music, so I decided to just condense the whole thing.

Can you pick up on how I did that? Basically just slammed together the first and second verses and added a sort of summarizing last line to make an entire new verse. That seemed to work okay so I kept up with it for the rest of the song. With the exception of one verse that I left out. It was basically a repeat of another verse, and by leaving it out I had a nice even number to work with.

So, anyway, that’s that for today. What do you think?

I like the original, but I also kinda like this. Maybe feels a little rushed and not fleshed out. I think that’s okay for these re-records, though. They’re more to get me thinking about new ways to do songs than about making them really great.

Plus, I’ve really been thinking about how I don’t have a new song yet and it’s already Thursday.

Since it’s Thursday, I’m sure you’re getting ready for the Poor Elvis show this coming Friday, right? Did you know it’s Friday the 13th? Check out the facebook event for info. Hope to see you there.

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