The Talkin’ Headline Blues #75

Hey hey…look what I finally recorded and got up here. This week’s Talkin’ Headline. Nothing special or specific about this one. Just something to listen to and ease back into your brain.

I do, however, have some really cool news. I got 2 songs recorded and ready to put on a 7-inch vinyl record that’ll spin at 45 howlin’ rpms. After it gets pressed and primped I’m taking it out on the road for a tour of Rust Belt cities.

This all happens starting June 1.

“Why are you telling me this now?” you may ask…

Well, you can order your copy of the record now! How about that?!

Now, it’s really easy to do. Just click right here, and you’ll be taken to a kickstarter project page where you can watch a video explaining it all.

Then, after watching the video, you can donate to the project. In doing so, not only do you get the two new songs on sweet sweet vinyl, but you also can get some really original and fantastic rewards depending on how much you give.

Things like…Polaroid pictures and letters mailed to your door from tour stops, hand-printed posters, old (almost out-of-print) CDs, and a host of other things.

All the donations go towards the pressing of the record and the tour. You can be part of the process!


So, please go check it out. Won’t take more than a minute or two.

Thanks so much!

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