The Talkin’ Headline Blues #78

Here’s the Talkin’ Headline for this week. Wrote it Monday night as usual. I think it works okay….

In other news, the Poor Elvis vinyl and June tour kickstarter project is going well. 21 backers so far. One-third of the way to our goal. Did you know that if you donate $150 you get one of my original Talkin’ Headline lyric sheets? Did you know that it’ll also be illustrated and collaged?

$150 seems, maybe, like a hefty price, but you also get a ton of other stuff. Things like…our new 7-inch vinyl, our CD with a one-of-a-kind Polaroid as cover art, letters mailed to you from our tour stops, a collage made from objects found on our tour, a poster, a sticker…and MORE!

Just think how great it’d be to get a big box of that stuff delivered to your door. Wow!

Of course, you could always just donate whatever you can afford. For just $15 you get the new vinyl record. Consider it a pre-order, so you’re sure to get one.

Anyway, thanks for your support!

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