New Song: You Broke My Heart

Well, well, well. Look at this. A new song.

I know it’s been a while…since…uh…January 2. But sometimes it’s good to just take a break and focus on other things.

Guess I was focusing a little too hard.

Anyway, it’s also been a month since I’ve done a Talkin’ Headline, and a long time in between re-recorded versions of year-old songs, so I’m gonna start those up again this week too. This blog is all about the practice of songwriting after all. Not the practice of waiting around for some sort of inspiration. Which isn’t a practice at all.

I wrote this new song last week. I think it sounds like the direction that Poor Elvis is headed in. It’s something, at least.

While I was off from writing, did you know that I planned a tour? And recorded and pressed a 7-inch vinyl record? And had a kickstarter project to raise funds for both?

I’m heading out on the road this Friday. Starting in Madison at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse playing a show with Boo Bradley.

So, it’ll be a busy June. With lots of shows out of town and a few in Chicago, too. But I’ll keep up with the writing and recording. See where it heads.

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