Rewritten Song: Cause, Mama (version 2)

Well, here’s the re-recorded tune that I released this week, last year. Was actually on this date, last year. Go check out the original version and then compare and contrast.

You’ll see I didn’t change any of the words. Just how the song sounds. The cadence, the style, the meter. It’s a waltz now. I particularly enjoyed the mouth harp on this new one.

So this song is a year old. There you have it.

Now, Poor Elvis has a show tonight at the Orbit Room. Why not come check it out. You’ll probably hear my new tune “Mother Mary” (although, a little different than the version I recorded it for Monday).

It’s gonna be a good show. It’s outside on the back deck. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Here’s some more info. Starts at 8pm. See ya there.

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