Still writing the new song for this week, okay?

So, I’m still working on writing this week’s new song, and I didn’t write a song this week last year, so there won’t be a re-recording this week. But, you can always listen to the re-recording I did last year of the song I released in 2011.

Or…well…that’s confusing.

But just go here and listen to it. First the new version, then the original from 2010.

Since I didn’t write a whole lot of songs in 2012 (or re-record many of the songs from 2011), I’ll be going back to the songs I wrote in 2011 to do new versions. That’ll be interesting. Seeing what I can do to tunes that are a whole 2 years old, most of which I played out live a whole bunch. I’m guessing it may be hard to change those, but I’ll give it a go.

Now, listen to the old re-recording and check back later this week, okay?

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