New Song: I was raised in a holy way

Okay, here’s the new song for this week. Made it by the skin of my teeth….I think my nephew Hank’s 2nd birthday party this afternoon helped kick me into gear. All that energy woke me up.

I actually wrote this one on Thursday this week. Or, started it on Thursday morning and finished it over the next couple days. But it came pretty quick when I did take the time to write.

I like it. Kinda moves in the right way, I think. Needs more though and I’m not totally sure about the tempo. Tried it slow…tried it fast…settled on this mid-tempo version. Also, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the key I chose. But rough drafts are not the time to be picky. I’ll work on that and maybe I’ll play this one at an up-coming show.

I’m got a few of those lined up and I’m also (slowly) putting together a new website. So, watch for those things coming in the next few weeks.

Also, I’m gonna be working with Pearl Mahone & The OneEyed Jacks. First official practice is Monday. Pearls is trying out a new line-up and new(ish) style. Should be interesting.

See ya next week for another new song and a re-record of this tune from 2011 since I didn’t write a new one in 2012.

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