New Song: I’m her’s and her’s only

Songs from Someone Else’s Perspective Week

This is a week where I post songs that I wrote from someone else’s perspective. Either because I wasn’t around to actually experience the event, or because someone else has a better view (as far as I know or think they do) of something that I just don’t get.

So here’s this song. It’s from someone else’s perspective. It ain’t my perspective. I don’t even know if it’s right. It’s just maybe what they’re thinking. Or what I think they’re thinking. Or hope they’re thinking.

It’s a pretty basic blues structure, expect that there’s a two-chord in there where the five-chord usually would be. I stole that from another song by someone else. But that’s okay cause everyone does that and there wasn’t any sign saying I shouldn’t. So I did.

Anyway, there’s the song for today. Tomorrow will be another one from another perspective.

Albums are now available for download…

So there was no theme for this week’s songs and probably because of that I didn’t dig up any old ones to post throughout the week, but you can always go and listen to the new one from Monday right here.

In other news, if you haven’t noticed already, the 2 albums I put out a couple weeks ago are now available for purchase at They’re both reasonably priced and if you don’t want the entire albums you can download single songs for a dollar. But buying the entire album is a way better deal.

You can get an actual CD album if you come out to one of my shows. My next solo performance is this Saturday (8/28) at a house party in Logan Square. Feel free to come by.

Or you can get one from me at the next Barehand Jugband show. That one is a few weeks away. September 11 at Quenchers Saloon. We’re playing with this great band from Champaign, The Duke of Uke and his Novelty Orchestra.

No song for today, but an album review….

My 2 new albums got a short review over at the blog songs:illinois. Here’s the full text, or you can read it by clicking here.:

I live near Chicago. I follow the local scene pretty closely. In the last six years of blogging I have only found a handful of Chicago artists to get excited about. I think I’m about to get excited about Andrew Francis. Andrew is a member of a local jugband (The Barehand Jugband) so that’s automatically a plus in my book. His delivery is a nasal concoction equal parts Bob Dylan and Pokey LaFarge. Musically the songs are simple guitar and voice (with occasional amateurish harmonica – and I mean that in a good way). On the song “I’m Only Trying To Say What Comes To Me” he admits his songwriting naivite but then goes on to speak from the heart and string together an unusual but affecting chorus. Andrew has just released two records. The first is his solo self titled debut and the second is a collection of songs inspired by and about Chicago called It’s Chicago!.

Buy them here and here.

So, thank you, whoever you are over at songs:illinois. That’s a pretty nice thing for you to say.

songs:illinois is a pretty cool blog about music, you should check it out.

I’m also playing a house party in Logan Square this Saturday (8/28). Starts at 8pm. It’s a FREE event. See ya there.

Songwriting, home recording, and vinyl records from Chicago folk singer Andrew Francis.

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