Rewritten Song: Pray to Your Lord (version 2)

Here we go with another Replay Thursday. This week, last year I wrote and recorded and released “Pray to Your Lord.” It was a blues tune based on the song “Step It Up and Go” as performed by Blind Boy Fuller. I also put it on my album “Andrew Francis,” that came out in August. That album version is very closely similar to the original recording. Listen to the original here.

So this new recording is a lot different. It’s not in any way a blues tune anymore. And I rearranged most all of the words.

Well, wait. I just listened to it again. It’s still a blues tune. It’s just not a historical country blues tune. Doesn’t have that easy lazy flow to it. Sounds more like a song that I’d write out of the blue rather than when I steal the melody from some other song.


The Talkin’ Headline Blues #12

New version of Talkin’ Headline. Listen close for all the top news items from yesterday. Took all these from again. No better source for all the news you could never digest in one day.

New Song: Without You (To Lean On)

Sat down last night to churn out a new tune and I just got stumped. That’s what happens when you don’t hit it very hard during the week. Luckily, though, because I write so much I can just flip back through my notebook and find something I started and never really finished or worked on. I wrote this one back on January 12, or, at least started to write it. I finished it off last night by adding a couple verses and changing some of the original words.

It’s still missing something, I think. A chorus to maybe tie it all together somehow. Feels like it needs a chorus. Like it builds to something and just keeps on building up and up to nowhere. Towers that get too tall always come crashing down, eventually.

So, anyway. There’s the new song for today. Got any ideas for a chorus? Send em my way.

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