New Song: Makes perfect sense

Okay. I’m really falling behind now. But I got a good reason. I’m playing in a great music show this Saturday, October 23 at Cafe Mustache in Logan Square with some other great musicians.

So it’s not like I don’t have time to write, or that I’m not writing, it’s just that I’m trying to get down some of the new songs I’ve written so I can sing em at the show.

That’s as good as “my dog ate it” if ya ask me.

Now, this song is kinda in the vein of a talkin’ blues tune. I coulda done a talkin’ blues themed week (didn’t I do that already?). But it ain’t exactly a talkin’ blues, cause I sing this one really good. Give it a nice close listen. Ease back into it. Let it slide on into yer ears.

It’s just a song about opposites and how they stick to each other in every instance until every feels just about comfortable.

So, this music show I’m playing at Cafe Mustache is gonna be real cozy. Jonas Friddle plays some mean old time tunes on fiddle and guitar and a few other weird instruments that he totes around in his white Subaru station wagon. I’ve heard it tell that he just wrote 15 songs in one week and he’s gonna try out all fifteen Saturday night. Woo-Eee.

Then there’s the sultry Jessica Robbins. If she don’t hook ya like heroin then yer up and blind. I met Jessica a few years back out playing open mics around the city and she’s gone from there to way out into the cosmos.

Katie Alvarado I’ve only heard one other time, but I invited her to join the show because of that. She’s kinda got this strange voice and guitar movement going on and I’m not sure what it’s all about, but ya gotta hear it.

So, we’ll all see ya there. There’ll be CDs for sale. The show is absolutely free, though. In the meantime you can look at the show poster that Katie drew up.

New Song: See what I got

Okay, here’s something a little different. This song I wrote on Monday has a lot of chords. A lot of chord changes. A lot of singing. That’s pretty different than most of my songs. And I think I pulled it off fairly well, at least okay enough for having a sore throat all week long.

Writing this one I framed it around a personal experience, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s about that personal experience or that it’s even a personal song. It’s not totally or exactly about me. It’s not all the truth either. And it ain’t all bad. Most of it’s pretty good, I’d say. Turns out really well in the end.

So, anyway. Give it a listen and let me know if you think anything in particular about it. Took me around 10 minutes to write the song and set it to some music, so I’ll give ya about 10 minutes time to think up a response and write it down.

Also, I’ve got a couple solo shows coming up soon. First one is at Cafe Mustache in Logan Square on October 23, which is a Saturday night. The show starts at 7:30pm and will be done by 10pm. Katie Alvarado, Jessica Robbins, and Jonas Friddle (from the Barehand Jugband) are also playing. We’ll all be doing about 35 to 40 minute sets.

Then, on November 6 I’m playing in a festival put on by the Chicago Roots Collective at the Elbo Room. I’ll be one of the “songwriters” performing in the upstairs part of the Elbo Room. Here’s a link to the facebook invite for some more info.

So hopefully I’ll see you at one or both of those.

New Song: Tomorrow’s gonna come

Okay, posting one new song every Monday and then more, old songs throughout the week is slowly becoming just posting one new song late in the week. I’ll admit that. It’s hard work writing a new song every week. And finding a theme. And then digging through my old recordings for similar songs.

Anyway. I got a new song finally. Wrote it yesterday. I thought I had 2 or 3 others over the weekend, but when I started putting music to them they just weren’t going anywhere and the words seemed less interesting than when I wrote them last week.

So, I missed Monday, but this song is okay. It’s about cold hard facts. That’s it. This song is indisputable. Unquestionable. I challenge anyone to find a hole it it. A crack. Or any fiction or lies.

See ya next week.

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