Out in the Cold Cold Wind

Here’s the original recording of Out in the Cold Cold Wind from 2009, which, at the time, I think I called Down in the Cold Cold Wind. It will cure your hangover blues.

Hope ya have a good New Year’s.

Mister Mayor Says (I’m Guided By The Love Of Gold)

Here’s the version of Mister Mayor Says released in 2009.

Now go get warm with a cold drink and have a great Christmas.

Unworried Mind

Here’s the recording of Unworried Mind from 2009. I think I was sick or something. But you can also see the change of voice over the last 12 months. Sort of. Last December I was kinda trying out some new things. Kinda like this December. Wasn’t sure where I was headed either. Weird how things like that come around again.

Songwriting, home recording and vinyl records from Chicago folk singer and songwriter Andrew Francis.

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